Bob Nesom
Bob Nesom

Bob Nesom is an alternative folk rock singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and recording artist with working class roots. He is popular for articulating social and political issues of the day in addition to those of the heart with his versatile vocals and innovative nylon-string guitar performances. He has composed hundreds of songs and has written two musical plays. His work has been described as passionate, honest, intriguing and unique. His albums and singles can be purchased at, and other sites. Bob welcomes requests by film makers, musicians and other artists in addition to advertisers to utilize his songs.
Never Mind Reality

In 2020, Bob Nesom placed pen to paper and wrote this, his 7th album. He wrote the songs as the many jolting events unfolded across America many of which continue to affect an exhausted nation. He released the work on September 24th, 2021 having started studio production soon after the presidential inauguration. He has written and composed about reality and the danger of ignoring it and how for some love, kindness, and respect have taken a back seat to ideology no matter the cost. He sings about the many issues that intensified during 2020 and continue to demand attention.
Create with Me

A single released March 28th, 2020, it was recorded at Underground Recording Co. with sound engineer and musician Mike Machaby, Amalia Ververis, David Ellis and Sylvie Nesom. The piece touches upon how the creation process can be a way to bring people and the world together somewhat in a spiritual sense.
Hey World!

Here is another Bob Nesom commentary of current affairs and events not only of the United States but the entire world, a single released 11/11/19. His wife Sylvie Nesom who is featured in the song, inspired and encouraged Bob to write about how the world appears to be falling apart but hope in improving it is possible by simply loving each other more.
By Disregarding Truth You Dare

Single released on July 4th, 2018 to disturbing current events and unorthodox political leadership of the United States. Nesom has something to say in how the nation is being shattered, obvious to some and denied by others. It was his last work recorded and produced with the late Bob Yen, Jr at the former studios at MDI in Plymouth.

This is Bob Nesom's 6th album written and released at a time that many in America find troubling and begs the question, "Where is America?" and feeling in some ways it has turned into "Charades." Bob then explores and takes inventory at places where one finds strength. Album and singles are available on popular internet sites.
Finally Our Day

This is an album of songs performed in September 2015 with the objective of not only examining life but celebrating or at least processing the discoveries. Bob Nesom goes acoustic with this collection of songs many of which are freshly written except for "Little Star" penned in his youth and "Forever Falling" which was composed in the honor of victims of child abuse and while he was working in an adolescent residential program many years ago. "Finally Our Day" features subjects of the heart and sentiments of which one can identify or at least consider.
In the Circle of Night

This much anticipated work has finally spread across the internet skies, a montage of life that took Nesom more than two years of song-writing, audio production and by pop artist Ginny Nesom visual artistry from the Spring of 2012 to Spring 2014. What makes this 2-CD 26-song work so quite extraordinary is that the great majority of the words and notes were written, felt and inspired during the same period of time and combined with pieces written years ago takes one on an emotional and thought-provoking journey "In the Circle of Night." Artist and Comic Andrew Nesom used the song from the album "With Me" for a music video masterfully done with automation one can find on Youtube. Notably, the album cover includes Andrew years ago when he was a boy.
Avenue of Life and Dreams

This 20-song work was recorded from March 2010 to December 2010. The album is a commentary of the times that takes one on a passionate, melodic journey driven by uncompromising lyrics. It is dedicated to Alex Nesom and the entire project was inspired by him. The endeavor was produced by Bob Nesom and engineered by Bob Yen Jr. and Mike Machaby at MDI in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Artist Andrew Nesom produced and created music video of "I'm Walkin' the Line," song featured on "Avenue of Life and Dreams" and can be watched on Youtube. The album is available on many popular sites.
The Party's Almost Over

This album, recorded from September 2008 to February 2009, is about surviving turbulent times in America but also celebrates lessons gained by living in it. The 10-song album is available on Amazon, iTunes and other popular sites. It was masterfully engineered at the MDI studios in Plymouth,Massachusetts. "Land of Liberty" and the song "The Party's Almost Over" have made a Broadjam Top 10.
Made in Revere

Made in Revere, a nine-track theme album is available on popular sites and in part featured on this site. It was produced by Chuck Vitale, written by Bob Nesom and performed by musicians from Revere, Massachusetts. Every song has made a Broadjam Top 10. "Revere Cruisin'," centerpiece of the album, can be viewed on Youtube.