Bob Nesom
It all Comes Back to Love
I don't see a future for us
She said before we turn to dust
Black and white has turned a deep blue gray
It all comes back to love

I get back up and wipe my tears
My heart is stronger than what I fear
At the end of the day I hear St Peter say
It all comes back to love

Love is like sunshine in the rain
As long as there is sunshine, you endure the pain
Dreams and life, together make things right
Makes things better, in the circle of night

She's so clever in pretending to be
Fairy tales 'n pizza but she meant more to me
Before her heart revealed her deceitful ways
It all comes back to love

No more compromising again 'n again
The illusion felt real but the nightmare ends
I know what she doesn't on this darkest day
It all comes back to love
Lyrics Credits: Bob Nesom
Music Credits: Bob Nesom
Producer Credits: Bob Nesom and Bob Yen, Jr.
Publisher Credits: Bob Nesom
Label Credits: Merrymen Productions
Song Length: 2:24
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -