Bob Nesom
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry for the pain I've caused you
I didn't know you cared
And even in the final hour
You wanted to share

But you wanted to share the glory
And I wanted time
I refuse to take that was stolen
And already mine
Hey Hey Hey

You got all you wanted
I got memories
Before I lost what I founded
And you got for free
Hey Hey Hey
Lyrics Credits: Bob Nesom
Music Credits: Bob Nesom
Producer Credits: Charles Vitale
Publisher Credits: Bob Nesom
Performance Credits: Bob Nesom, Charles Vitale, Jim Fabiano
Label Credits: Merry Men Productions
Short Song Description:
The song is about a relationship breaking up and at the same time about how politicians and the public typically acknowledge the importance of each other's role.
Long Song Description:
This song was recorded by Chuck Vitale in his small apartment in Revere, Massachusetts in the late 1980s. Chuck plays guitar, and my good friend Jim Fabiano plays bass.
Story Behind the Song:
Current events turning into history with much of the same results as mistakes are repeated.
Song Length: 2:50
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Folk-Rock
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Breaking Up
Subject Matter 2: General
Mood 1: Irritated
Mood 2: Glad
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2: Beatles, The
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999